Monday, May 4, 2009

Federal Court Indy Mac bank demysifying federaL COURT

Greetings to you all.

I have been remiss in posting events, responses to letters and so forth. It has been a busy time for a few of us who have been stirring the pot & finding clues to solve this crime/mystery. The one thing we can all point to is some fraudulent activity which led up to the bank's closing.

Today, I visited the Federal court where Indymac/FDIC cases are filed and being heard.

I witnessed one case, which was continued for more information (it was incumbent upon the FDIC to provide information to the court) about delivery of a notice of Proof of Claim to the Plaintiff (depositor).

I will summarize more information in the next few days and offer more details of today 's events and the update of recent events to date.

Federal Court may seem ominous, by I will do my best to de-mystify the process especially as a lay-person, as I attempt to immerse myself in the task of self-representation. I intend to pursue the legal avenue of justice in the Federal court. I hope I set a good example & get more of us to put the pressure on the FDIC on our esteemed representatives in government to take action on the part of the honest, hard-working constituent (voters) and come to a massively favorable conclusion for us all.

As I begin my process of filing, I will let you all know how it goes & who I am addressing in the claim. Until a few months ago, I have enjoyed being the most anonymous person, quiet and private. For the act of getting us all together to do this battle, I will gladly answer you all, the Court will publish my case, and God will be watching over us all. It will be beautiful. I know this sounds very forward thinking, but in the Judge's court this morning, I envisioned attaining success in that room before that judge. Let's see!

You ladies and gentlemen, keep writing your congress people. If you need help with that , I have A LETTER-- for you to fill in and send. You MUST do it If you need help, you call. PLease don't be a pansy, call me if you need help! I think you will be pleased with yourself for giving it your best evvort for the course of action. in from of is.+

Best to you all.

Lisa Marshall
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  1. Dear Lisa - I am glad to hear you are pursuing court action. I'd like to as well but didn't know how.
    1) You mention self-representation - is this possible?
    2) Also, you said you visited the court where indymac suits were taking place - which court is this? Also, please share the verdicts you observed in the cases. and what the grounds were in the suits)
    3) On what grounds are you filing the suit? We all know that indymac rep's did not act appropriately, but we can't prove this (their word against ours) Please provide update when yoh can. Thanks! Angela C

  2. Here is my case. Just one month before the closing of IndyMac Bank, I was lured by the high interest rate offered by this bank. I opened my E-Money Market account with IndyMac Bank on-line and included two beneficiaries on my account by choosing the option “Individual Account with Beneficiaries” (I have always specified my parents as beneficiaries in all my holding financial accounts). However, one week later IndyMac Bank sent me a form to sign. On this form, I noticed that there was not the option “Individual Account with Beneficiaries” but only the option “Individual Account” and there was no entry on the form for entering beneficiaries. I was naïve enough to sign the form any way because I thought that the bank already had the beneficiary information that I had already entered online. I came to IndyMac branch in Buena Park and made three deposits in June 2008 – $78,000 June 10, $35,000 June 16, and $100,492.57 June 23 respectively. The IndyMac employees at this bank did not provide me any information about the current bank status and FDIC insurance status on the bank. When FDIC closed IndyMac Bank, I rushed to the bank and asked them to retrieve my beneficiary information. They told me that I did not any beneficiary on my account and provided a hard copy of my signed form as evidence. In short, IndyMac Bank deceived me.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Could you please put the sample of the letter? I want to send it to Boxer and Feinstein, is there anyone else we need to be sending?
    Thanks for working so dilligently on this.